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1980-bhs-staff-moncrieff-wmMr. Peter Moncrieff – born in Perth in 1928, he grew up in the prison quarters of Perth Prison where his father Alex worked as a prison officer.

A keen football fan he started playing for the 12th Perth District BB Company and later was a founder member of Kinnoull Junior Football Club – playing with them for 18 seasons. The team still play today in the Perthshire leagues.

In 1950, he graduated from Edinburgh University with a BSC in Chemistry and then went on to do a one-year teacher training course at Moray House, followed by two years national service, based in the educational core at Harrogate. He then took up his first teaching post at Goodlyburn Primary School in Perth, before moving on to become head teacher at Aberuthven and then onto Mallaig.

In 1970 Peter took up a post at Rutherglen’s Stonelaw High School where he remained for four years before accepting a job at Blantyre High. Full of optimism at his new role, he realised it was short lived upon discovering the dilapidated state of the Blantyre building with unfinished classrooms, leaking roofs and no heating. As well as enduring staff shortages it was to be a challenging first year with the school.

However, the following August he returned to a full complement of staff and a new building at Boswell Drive and quickly settled into life at Blantyre High. Often lending his spare time to assist with after school activities, work experience, outings and school sports, he was delighted when his hard work paid off and the school was upgraded to sixth year status in 1976 with a role increase to 1150.

He was often seen out in the playground with a megaphone, the most effective means of communicating with pupils en masse.

Known as Monty, he knew each and every one of his pupils by name and earned great respect and affection from staff, students and the Blantyre community, finally retiring in 1991.

Away from school life he became a member of the Lanarkshire Philatetic Society in 1975, governor with the David Livingstone Trust in the mid 1970’s and became involved with the Children’s Panel in North Lanarkshire.

In 1990, he became a founder member of Blantyre Rotary Club and the following year was named International Convener of the Malawi Educational Project, later receiving the Paul Harris Fellowship Award for outstanding achievement. He played bowls with Hamilton Bowling Club, returned to golf and loved to watch St Johnstone play – especially against Hamilton Accies.

In 2009, he was diagnosed with Lewy Body Dementia.

Peter died on August 31st 2012, aged 84 at his home in Machline Court, Hamilton having lived a full, active and rewarding life. He left behind his wife Vera – his first wife Doreen had passed away in the 1980’s – children Sandy, Duncan and Morag: step children Kirsty, Kenneth and Jackie and grandchildren Peter, Victoria, Katie, Sarah, Connor, Kerr and Benicio.

From “Blantyre Explained” by Paul Veverka (c) 2017

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Fiona Allen Monty ! 🙂
Elizabeth Dobson Grieve Remember him well. Told me off for wearing bright coloured trousers to school when it wasn’t allowed.
Jim Frame Don’t remember him headmaster when I was there was wee joe mayes
Stephen Allan When was Joe Mayes headteacher? When I started in August 1996 it was a guy called Dr Reid who was headteacher.
Jim Frame Early 70s
Stephen Allan Oh right thanks Jim. I thought he might have been after Moncreiff and before Dr Reid but he was obviously before Moncreiff.
The Blantyre Project Maybe I should write up more stories about former teachers?These people worked so hard and were responsible for the education of many of the readers to this page, myself included.
Kerry Tremble Kevan Ahh Monty was great headmaster, used to always ask me if I’d been stealing my mums curtain rings for my huge hoop earings lol…fond memories of our old BHS!
Barbara Ann Wallace Me too Kerry lol..called me gypsy rose lee lol….great memories ha ha xx
Kerry Tremble Kevan 😅 he was some man xx
Jeanette Allardyce Ward I remember Monty well. Was the school rector wen I was there. Always wore his long black cloak, kept his belt under it over his shoulder if I remember correctly 🤔
Michelle Devine I met him once he was a nice guy xx
Wendy Mackie Lovely man ,he was my headmaster ,and I attended his funeral .
Jackie MacDonald Another popular figure from my school years. A powerful voice yet had a gentle side too.👍
Joan Adams He was ma head teacher at blantyre high and mr Bradford (MONTY) WEE Brick that was the days wish a could turn the clock back.
Rab Mccarrol Monty was obsessed with the grass at front of school, used to open his window and shout if you stood on it lol
Keith MacLean Loved this Guy a true Gentleman😊
Tom McQuade Used ti meet him every morning at the school gates,where he would stand and wait for me to appear in my wrangler jacket. Hand outstreched with the words collect at home time 🙂
Tom McQuade Does anyone know/remember who the other teachers are
Ann Ferguson Such a lovely man and a great head teacher- knew every pupil in the school by name. School ran like clockwork when he was in charge with wee Brick
Keith MacLean Think thats his seceratarial staff Tom Groetjes Mate 😊
Tom McQuade Was wondering mate cos canny recognise any of them
Ian Dino McDougall GET OFF THE GRASS. .Would ecco round the playground.
Scotia Bear He defo loved his grass a lot of pupils loved grass as well lol
Arlene Campbell He never missed an opportunity .. earrings .. hair .. but he was a man of empathy , he was a great man ..and rector
Hugh Waugh Peter Duncan Moncrieff – a good man!
Pamela Bignall Ah good old memories – what a man Monty !! Whatever happened to Calimero ?
Davy Thomson Easton??
Pamela Bignall Yep – that’s the one . Then there was Bob Pirie and Mr Matheson – maths !!
Stephen Allan Brian Mathieson was there when I was there. Tall guy with moustache and beard.
Davy Thomson Should do a I write up on Mr balkrishna,, was a brilliant teacher, and wee Robertson, geography teacher 👍
Stephen Allan Mr Robertson left in 1997 I think when I was in second year. He was head of Geography and then when he left Mr McConnachie became head of Geography. There was also a Miss McKenzie who got married when I was there and she became Mrs Robertson and she was a geography teacher also.
Linda Rae I remember him well
Marion Coulter Smith Monty “get off the grass”
Lorna Stevenson He called me miss lipstick!!!! He was a brilliant head master

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