Donations for Stonefield Parish Church

From the Glasgow Herald, Friday March 1st 1878, page 9, there’s a letter telling of the need for people to donate subscriptions towards the cost of the Stonefield Parish Church Construction on Glasgow Road, at the corner of Church Street.

Manse of Blantyre, 28th February, 1878.

SIR,— Will you kindly insert in your journal the enclosed circular, which I recently issued, and in which I plead for subscriptions to defray the expenses of a new church that is now in course of erection in my parish. The population has so vastly increased that there is urgent need for this new church. The mass of the people are poor, being miners and their families, who consequently cannot afford to give much. The people of Scotland have nobly responded to the appeal which I issued in behalf of the many families who were rendered destitute by the recent terrible colliery explosion. I feel assured that I shall not now plead in vain for sympathy and help to meet the spiritual wants of those who are still with us.— I am, &c., STEWART WRIGHT, Minister of Blantyre.”

With thanks to Gordon Cook for the transcription.

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Archie Peat eree so good that they were also able to build the Church Ha
Betty McLean To think in those days the churches were full of people. It was a lovely place
The Blantyre Project something strange was certainly happening in the late 1970s with so many churches going on fire. Incredible to think that Blantyre lost so many churches in a 5 year period.

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