Blantyre Weddings 1967

I’m today opening up a huge planned section of Blantyre Marriage photos for  Weddings to be archived in Blantyre Project. I’ll be bringing you many, many couples photos of Blantyre weddings over the decades periodically on Blantyre Project. When you see these kind of posts, please feel free to tag the people are their families.  Do you know these couples? Are they still in Blantyre?

Today is the turn of 1967 and 2 particular weddings.


Pictured is Miss Jean Kelso in 1967 at her wedding to John McEwan, who formerly lived at Hawthorn Street in Glasgow. Jean was a Blantyre girl then at the time of her wedding living at 46 Station Road. The couple married in Stonefield Parish Church on Glasgow Road.


Mr Tom Callender is pictured here in 1967, then of 69 Station Road, Blantyre married his sweetheart Miss Sandra Hunter of Hillview Drive, Blantyre. I think this may have been early 1967. The wedding took place at David Livingstone Memorial Church. Tom at that time was a cost clerk at Ravenscraig Steel works in Motherwell and his bride, Sandra was a primary school teacher at Udston Primary School.

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Margaret Quinn Really enjoying your column love these pics 👍🏻
Bill Hunter Although I can’t tell you anything about the two couples I can say that they will most likely form part of my extended family. My Grans, sister Elizabeth Capmbell Gordon Kelso married one my Granfathers Brothers. I think it was James Hunter. I used to visit Aunt Lizzie in Kirkton House High Blantyre. The family included Hunter, Kelso, Wotherspoon and Sommerville who all stayed in Blantyre. I have a cousin Sandra Hunter who would visit Aunty Lizzie Kelso. I will check my dadta and see what else I can find out.
Elizabeth Allen Ne Croft Love your work i was born in Blantyre 54 but moved with mum & dad in 64 to Yorkshire when the coal mines close. I came back every school holiday to stay with. My gran & grandpa who lived in priory street Liz
Moyra Lindsay Tom Callendar played the organ in Livingston church, also at many funerals in Smiths. He will be 73 and was in the scouts with my husband and your uncle Archie. Sandra was at The academy same time as I was . Tom worked for an insurance company I think Prudential and would be very well known around Blantyre.
Stuart Dodd Tom sadly passed away a couple of years ago
Margaret Chalmers My Mum new the Kelso family. X
Linda Gilmour Roberts I don’t know if it’s the same Jean Kelso. My mum’s cousin was a Jean Kelso. She now lives in Australia and was an Opera singer too.
Archie Peat Jean Kelso was from a well known and well respected Blantyre family . Her Father David Kelso was Bricklayer Manager at Clyde bridge Steelworks otherwise known as the “heid Brickie ” . He was responsible for going into cooling furnaces and stripping and rebuilding the brick lining . The heat and the dust got to him and he died at a relatively young age. Jeans Mother , May was always known by her maiden name which was May Wright and she was the daughter of a well known Builder in Blantyre

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  1. Susan Brownlie (nee Callender)

    Tom Callender was my brother. He married Sandra on 28th December 1966.

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