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In 1986, Blantyre Swimming Club held their first Gala. The Blantyre Sports Centre, only open for 4 years at the time provided the prize, which is shown here. The Blantyre Sports Centre accolade passed from winner to winner.  The Blantyre Sports Centre Shield for the outstanding performance of that day went to Angela McKay.

In this picture, Blantyre boys and girls were pictured by the Hamilton Advertiser. Gillian Boyle is pictured and I know some of the others, but will leave it to you to comment.

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Maureen Paterson Linda mccallum. …
Gillian Boyle Scott mcquade, Graeme Mccall
Emma Jones Debbie Jones-Kelly Martin Jones you might know any of these people x
Debbie Jones-Kelly Linda,
Scott McQuade
Rosalind Elliott Gillian Boyle in middle at front
Debbie Jones-Kelly Omg I still have the rose bowl x
Julie Tabor I remember these guys so well. I’m sure the coach was Gerry Campbell and Frank Jones . I was 1 of the swimming teachers for the younger kids for a few years at this time
Debbie Jones-Kelly Frank is still there and Gerry is now apart of the G72 triathlon team
Laura Penman I could be wrong, but girl bottom left looks like current headteacher at DLMPS, Linda Callender.
Debbie Jones-Kelly I’m sure that could be Linda’s married name x
Laura Penman My 2 also think that is their headteacher, hope we get confirmation at some point d
Laura Penman Sure her family still live in Dalcraig or surrounding area x
Lesley Hartley OMG that is totally Linda Lol x
Vicky Harkness This pic is in the school at the reception did u not see it when u dropped the kids at the disco Lesley Hartley lol x
Lesley Hartley I didn’t Vicky, I’m not the least bit surprised though, the amount of stuff I miss 😂😂😂
Vicky Harkness So it’s defo her. Can u no remember me saying ages ago I saw it in the hamilton ad the kids were off on holiday at the time I’m sure xx
Lesley Hartley Naw lol. Do you even know me 🙄😂😂😂😂 x
Vicky Harkness 😂😂😂I’m no sure xx
Lesley Hartley 🤦🏽‍♀️😂😂😂 I’m gettin really bad in my old age x
Fiona Dick Julia Davidson were we not in the swimming club then?
Julia Davidson Yes! I loved the swimming club
Linda Duffy Wildfeir I think I see a cousin in there!


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  1. Does anyone know what happened to Angela Mckay. I knew here in the mid 90s but we lost touch?

  2. Graeme McCall, under 16 years winner, also Linda McCallum.

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