Auchentibber Memoirs Part 5

1923 Auchintibber, The Gardens

1923 Auchentibber, Italian Gardens

Continuing a look at Flora Dickson Potter’s memoirs and research about Auchentibber. Kindly shared here with permission from Janet Cochrane. All in Flora’s words,

“Auchentibber – A Planned Paradise. In 1928 DC Gemmell, the manager at Auchinraith Colliery was the author of an article on the Auchetnibber Gardens and this was what he had to say – ‘The site of the pitch (the quoiting green) and the well known gardens existing beyond were formerly an old sandstone quarry. Under the supervision of the former owner of the Inn, the work of filling in the quarry and forming the gardens was done by the inhabitants of the village in their spare time. The beauty of these gardens has to be seen to be appreciated. They are laid out with a taste and skills worthy of out best landscape gardeners. The creation and maintenance of the gardens is one of the best examples of true commercial spirit to be found in the country.” 

All of these gardens no longer exist. Nature has long since covered the area and that of the quoiting green which was placed to the East with a mass of ivy, nettles and other promiscuous plants. Any remaining stone is buried beneath debris and where exposed, is covered in moss. A sad sight and not one to dwell on. However, in their heyday, the gardens were bright and with blooms of roses and other shrubs. It seems odd that none of these now persist, but no doubt the canopy of trees which now pervades the area has destroyed all the natural light which was necessary for their growth.

Pictured around 1923 is the Auchentibber Italian Gardens.

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