1964 Aerial Photo Causeystanes

A few people last year asked me for a photo of the tenement buildings that used to be in Cemetery Road. In this photo, a first seen online, Causeystanes in High Blantyre is viewed from above, an aerial photo taken above High Blantyre Main Street in 1964.

To the bottom left we have Broompark leading off from Main Street Junction. To the right the prominent road leading upwards in the picture is Cemetery Road. You can see the War Memorial in the Cemetery and the fields to the left, just how empty the cemetery still was then. The large well kept field in the middle is where the current Cemetery Hall was built. The council or Parish Chambers on Cemetery Road is visible as are the double storey tenements across from the Cemetery.

At the bottom right on Main Street are “The Dales”, 2 storey tenements still there today. On Broompark Road, the tenements facing us in the photo are also demolished and are now a small car park for Ally Bally Bee Nursery. The garage buildings are also away and to the left the spare ground, once a quoiting ground, now has a modern garage and nursery built upon it. Surprisingly, this whole scene is now quite different! The only habitable buildings still standing are the Dales.

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1964 Causeystanes aerial

1964 Causeystanes aerial

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Betty McLean On several occasions I stayed overnight with a friend in the temement on Cemetery Road. Always aware of the cemetery nearby, not sure I slept too well. lol
Susan Muir I lived in Cemetery Road as a young child – we used to play in the cemetery – but never at night!

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