1970 Calder Picture


1971januaryDon’t know even where to start with all the thousands of photos our family has taken over the years! I fully intend on sorting them into dates and writing on the back of them, who when, where etc.

I think this photo is Winter 1970. Here’s my mother Janet Veverka (nee Duncan) at Milheugh in the Calder. This photo I think is not far from the falls. She’s pregnant with me, so yeah, I’m in the photo too.

Mum and dad didn’t really take photos of many landscapes or buildings, believing always that people should be the focus in photos. If a landscape was to be photographed for its beauty, you can bet somebody would be standing in the photo in front of it!

On social media:

Moyra Lindsay Our family photos always had a car and caravan.
Elizabeth Lovatt I remember Janet. She was older than I was but we were in the same cicuit. I was Elizabeth Bennoch then. I think my brother John was her age.
The Blantyre Project did you have family at the timber houses Elizabeth? I recall Bennochs lived there, friends of my mothers.
Elizabeth Lovatt Yes, my fathers brother William and his wife Martha, their daughter Isobel and sons John and Billy
Elizabeth Lovatt my friend was Shiela Mackie
Isobel Hollis Ahh, I too remember Janet ; I was a neighbour in the next Crescent.

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