1928 Broompark Rd, Barnhill


1928-barnhill-wmThis new colourised photo was taken in Broompark Road, at Barnhill. I’ve been told it is 1948, but know that it must be earlier than that. The buildings on the right had all been demolished by the 1930s.

A horse and cart come over the crest of the hill and the buildings all appear remarkably well kept and whitewashed. The Barnhill smiddy is on the left in the foreground, where in this era, Templetons worked their ironmongery business.

(c) Blantyre Project

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The Blantyre Project brand new house now built there at the former smiddy location.
Anne Cook My oldest and best friend Martha Morrison stayed in the smiddy house when her dad Bill Morrison ran the Bothwell Engineering
garage there . Was a very interesting cottage to visit !!
Kenny Macfarlane Was that the same location that ended up Barnhill engineering owner by Bill Morrison
The Blantyre Project Yes. The wee former business is the building right in the forefront on the left.

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