1915 Aggie Bain at Barnhill


1915-barnhill-wmBack to Barnhill today, to Broompark Road. This remarkably clear photo from 1915 shows a thatched building that is no longer there today.  The trees at the back is the Calder at Bardykes Road. The woman on the left with the hat is Aggie Bain, the then owner of Barnhill Cottage which is still directly across from the Hoolet’s pub.

Of course, this wasn’t a happy time. It was the middle of World War One and I’m sure news of the front was a daily occurrence.

The cottage pictured was demolished in the 1920’s and is today the site of a modern bungalow as shown:



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  1. HI Paul There was some sort of “connection” with the Jackson family and Aggie Bain. Aggie Bain was fairly “well to do”. There are/were one or two “family” storeys of “going shopping” to Edinburgh with Aggie who was very “broad Lanarkshire” and the good shopkeepers of Edinburgh had difficulty understanding her. But she and her female friend -another “worthy” about her age -seemed to have a bit of money and were no afraid to “venture” as far as London!.

    1. Thanks Eric – I have drafted a post about Aggie Bain. Your comment inspired me to go look into her lifestory.

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