1913 Corner of Cemetery Road


Let me take you now to High Blantyre and specifically to Main Street. The corner you see sweeping off to the left is Cemetery Road, the shops facing out on to Main Street. The date is 1913. A young boy of around 10 years or so hangs on to the gas lamppost wondering what the photographer is doing standing in the middle of the road. Behind him at the corner is the Bank.

A lady, perhaps the postmistress stands outside the door of High Blantyre Post Office and beyond her on the right is Andrew Gilmour’s High Blantyre shop.

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Moyra Lindsay A bank? There’s a novelty!
Margaret Elma Griffin We lived in the old buildings on Cemetery Road the Post Office was. Still there late forties early fifties the Post Mistress was Mrs Darling there was a Phone box inside for the public to use only problem was everyone could hear your conversation!! 😆 The bank was by then a grocery shop
The Blantyre Project Thanks Margaret, was the grocery shop called “Taits” or was the nearby?
Margaret Elma Griffin Don’t know the name Tait’s l only knew the grocery shop as Jean McDades
Jackie MacDonald Hugh McDade. Add a story to this x
George Hay I remember the grocery shop and further up was a shop called Kiddywear.. The end of the block had a chip shop if I recall correctly.
Ann Higgins Crossar Yes there was a chip shop there in the mid to late 70’s – we used to go in after Eleanor Roxburghs dancing.
Brian Weaver Chip shop was at the far end of the block in the 1950s. Next door, my mum owned Kiddiwear. Next was Ian(?) Hobson, the butcher. Then there was the post office and the shop on the corner was the grocer’s if my memory serves me correctly.
Margaret Lindner I remember the shop on the corner was called Browns
Margaret Elma Griffin I remember the grocery shop was run by Jean McDade at one time
Maisie Whittaker Love seeing these old photos
Stephen Watson The street I was born in. ( a little later than this photo )
Bill Andrew Before the chip shop was Hobson’s Butchers. They still have 2 shops in Larkhall
Peter Mcsorley I remember the fonz stole my bike from out side the shop a grifter.was it the spar? Got my bike back my da choked him
Jean Maxwell The Grocery shop eventually became George Nelsons between the post office and Ian Hobsons
Jean Maxwell Forgot to say I worked in Nelsons and left in 1960
Jim Donnelly We stayed Cemetery Road when I was born
Sylvia Mclaughlin Many moons ago 🙂
Jim Donnelly Not as many moons ago as you missus,Don’t forget you where the dinner lady when i was at primary school..!!!
William McClenaghan I remember that corner shop being the spar in the 60’s

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