12000 Likes on Facebook!

501602-1cbhrp1483636632Another amazing milestone for Blantyre Project. Today, we’ve solidified our position as one of Lanarkshire’s most popular history pages, by surpassing 12,000 likes here on this Facebook page. Site followers have grown steadily and from my insights, I can see that many people in the last year have landed on this page from abroad.

How marvellous to see so many people following and interested in Blantyre’s old history when my sister website Blantyre Telegraph reporting on contemporary news, “only” has 8,000 followers! I thank everybody sincerely who likes, comments and especially shares this page each day. I literally have thousands of more photos and stories to share with you all and as always will try not to repeat any content.

Coming in March, I’m introducing articles from the 1960’s and 1970’s, which I hope you’ll all find interesting. Of course, I’ll still be jumping around in time and completing my recording of all Blantyre historical events of the 1920’s. Onwards and upward to 13,000!

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