Potter Brothers, Auchentibber


1910s-john-wilson-potter-wmIt is with thanks to Barb Hicks for sharing this photo. Barb told me in the photo is John Wilson Potter who fought in WW1.

Remarkably, I recognise this face from researching Auchentibber families and so hopefully can add some details to this photo, which I hope Barb finds of interest.

The photo shows not just John Wilson Potter (right), but also his brother, James McDonald Potter – Corporal 10th Battalion Scottish Rifles (on the left). They were the sons of William and Maggie Potter of Brown’s Land , Auchentibber although  John McLaughlin Potter was born nearby at former terraced homes at 9 Clyde Row.

Whilst this photo shows the brothers safely home from WW1, tragedy HAD struck the family, for there was one brother missing.

1918 Thomas Potter

1918 Thomas Potter, of Auchentibber. Shared by Lisa Ashford Potter

Thomas Potter, was the other brother who took the huge step to move to Australia and fought for the Australian Infantry. He was not so lucky and sadly died on 8th April 1918, aged 25. He is noted on the Auchentibber War Memorial.

Sidenote: John Boland Brown, (an inlaw of the Potter family) had earlier emigrated to Australia and being of good mining stock owned a mine there in New South Wales. He left behind property in Auchentibber known as Brown’s land, where James Potter lived. It was John Brown who sponsored the Potter family to come to Australia, John Wilson Potter going out there first to his misfortunate timing, but some of the Potter family followed his example by emigrating in the 1920s.

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