Granny Duncan

granny-duncan-from-marion-andersonI smiled writing this heading for my own Gran was called Granny Duncan, but this story isn’t about that person. It’s somebody else’s granny Duncan.

Marion Anderson messaged me in December saying, “Hi Paul here is a recent discovery. When niece Jessie Harrison (Kelly) showed it to me and I thought it may interest you . I knew granny Duncan well, she was my brother- in – laws granny, she brought him up along with his two brothers and sister. When Hughie married my sister Tilda (Beattie) the stayed with her ’till they got a house in high Blantyre .”

The cutting is from the Blantyre Gazette in 1963, as transcribed by me below:

Her Good Deeds Were Many – “Death of Granny Duncan”
Mrs. Helen Duncan, one of the best known and best loved local residents, passed away last Saturday in Hairmyres Hospital where she had been confined for only a week. Death came suddenly in the end to this very popular local woman who had her home at 15 Nursery Place, High Blantyre.

During the past few years, Mrs. Duncan who was 76 years of age and more familiarly referred to as “Granny Duncan” had been failing in health and confined mainly to the house. She was admitted to hospital following a burning accident in her home when she was badly burned about the legs after her nightdress caught fire. The accident had a serious effect on the state of her health and after a week of hospital treatment, she passed away.

“Granny Duncan” who was born and reared in High Blantyre had spent a good portion of her married life in Auchentibber had been resident in the housing scheme at Nursery Place since 1935. She had been a widow since the First World War and was survived by two married daughters. The deceased was well known particularly in High Blantyre for the great amount of good work she performed on behalf of people who were stricken by illness, and others who were in need of comforting. During her lifetime she brought good cheer to many hit by misfortune and her untiring work in knitting comforts for the men in the Forces during the Second World War was admired by all.

Granny Duncan was a well loved personality who will be much missed around High Blantyre District. The interment took place at High Blantyre Cemetery on Wednesday morning following requiem mass in St Joseph’s Church.”

Delving a little further, I found that Helen was born in 1887 and died on 19th January 1963. She was the mother of Catherine Corrigan (b1914) who died in 1987 and also buried in High Blantyre Cemetery.

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Marion Anderson thanks for the story Paul, Jessie Harrison has a photo I think.
Helen Williams My Granny (Jenny McMurray) lived at 21, Nursery Place, and died the same year as Mrs Duncan, I’m sure they would have know each other well, I would have been 10 years old in 1963 and often sat with my Granny when she had a cup of tea with a neighbour
Marion Anderson yes they would have known each other, neighbours were close in those days.
Jean Maxwell Marion great story I remember granny Duncan well, I remember her knitting you a wee red coat and matching hat I had to go to the drapers for Rose bud trimming for the hat you were gorgeous in that outfit, she also done croched baskets
Marion Anderson Our Brother Sandy Beattie was telling me she had the first T.V. they had seen and they used to go up to watch it with her.

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