George Neilson – Family and Work

Continuing my look at George Neilson, the former Crossbasket Owner. Extract from my book, “The History of Crossbasket Castle” by Paul Veverka (c)

1893 – George Neilson’s name comes up as a stallholder at various charity balls in Glasgow, in respect of raising funds for incurable diseases (for which in 1893, there were many.) He was also a patron of the new circulating library in the newly built Parish Church Halls in High Blantyre, together with Lord Blantyre.

1896 – Co-incidentally, a similar wedding event occurs, with similarities to the previous Clark family. On 23rd September 1896, Daisy, the eldest daughter of George Neilson marries Hugh Neilson, again meaning no name change for the female. They were married at Blantyre Old Parish Church, nearby a mile or so away.

1898 – The Blantyre map of 1898 documents the buildings at Crossbasket of this year fairly well and highlights not only Neilson’s mid section extension, but also the large greenhouse, outbuildings and lodges. The map serves well to get your bearings of the estate.

1900 – Around this time, the large 25 foot fir trees, planted by James Clark’s beautification were felled and cleared from the front, offering a clear view out to the estate. The trees may have had to be felled if they were starting to cause damage to the nearby proximity of the basement on the eastern part of the Castle.


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