Next, a music band, with rather a close family connection. Two members of this local band are my family members. My sister Lorna and her husband Andy McGregor.

Wilburnsilver was an indie folk pop band. Andy MacGregor, from Stonefield Crescent, Blantyre was the band’s lead singer and songwriter. Andy hailing originally from Wishaw led the six-piece band Wilburnsilver who formed in 2008.  The band worked hard on their debut album, which was ready to launch in June 2009, something they did locally at the Vics.

The first major gig was in the prestigious King Tut’s Wah Wah Hut where they supported New York songstress Lissy Trullie on her world tour.

The following Saturday they take to the stage of the ABC2 in their own gig where they  be celebrated the launch of their second album, Hello Wilderness. Wilburnsilver also supported the popular Felice Brothers.

Andy said at the time, “Playing there is always a blast. The crowd are great, it’s a good setting and you always get nice sound.”

At the outset Wilburnsilver looked like the usual indie band set-up with a lead singer, drummer, bassist and guitarist. The full line-up was bassist Marc Murray from Wishaw, keys and fiddle player Lorna Veverka from Blantyre, drummer Lewis Park, singer Andy MacGregor, guitarist Rab McMillan and saxophonist Heather Campbell.

However, what set them apart from others on the circuit was the addition of instruments like the fiddle and several brass pieces – giving them a very versatile, soulful sound.

Andy, an ex-Wishaw High pupil, said in 2009: “ Wilburnsilver aren’t your usual six-piece indie band because the members are all individual performers in their own right.” He continued: “As well as having an indie, acoustic feel about our music, there is a major influence from jazzy soul-based music to folk. I think this makes something a bit different for our fans.”

The band’s musical influences ranged from the likes of soul legends Ray Charles and James Brown to modern rock groups Oasis and The Coral.

The band enjoyed mild success but work and family commitments got in the way and eventually by 2012, the group has disbanded. Andy married Lorna and he opened “Intown Studio” in High Blantyre Industrial Estate.

Wilburnsilver’s debut album, “Looks Like Up To Me”, is available through iTunes and was produced and mixed by Andy Miller. Mastering by Kenny MacLeod. This was a great band. To give you a taste of their well produced, well written sound, here is one of their tracks “Days”.

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Robert McMillan I loved playing with these guys! Brilliant “Days” indeed. Also a wee shout out to Ross Murray who was the drummer for the majority of the time we were together.

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