Krankies visit St Blanes


screen-shot-2016-10-18-at-11-26-09A modern history story for you today. On Monday 1st November 2011, Scottish comedy duo, The Krankies took to the road to visit several competition winners hosted by a local newspaper. It was also a chance for the famous husband and wife team to visit some fans.

So it was on that day, that Scotland’s “oldest” pupil, wee Jimmy rolled up to the gates of St Blane’s Primary School, Blantyre to pay a surprise visit to the dinner ladies and children.

The Krankies visit had actually been won by St Blane’s dinner ladies Jackie McAllister, 39, Sally McKean, 55 and Laura Lowis, 42. Wee Jimmy wasted no time by serving up the lunches to the star-struck kids.

screen-shot-2016-10-18-at-11-26-52Marika Puchala, 11, Jade Nelson, 10, Lewis Smith, six, Carys Lennon, seven, Beth Fagan, 11, and Johnny Keenan, seven, all reckoned The Krankies were Fan-Dabi-Dozi.

Primary seven pupil Marika said: “I wish Wee Jimmy was here every day.” Ian and Janette ended up seeing double when classroom assistants Siobhan Mackel, 43, and Kirsteen Spencer, 36, appeared in Krankies fancy dress.

But Ian moaned: “Kirsteen’s overdone my perm a little bit — it’s been a long time since I had a Kevin Keegan haircut.” The Krankies then ‘taught’ a primary three class. But despite all his decades of education, Jimmy still managed to get his sums wrong.

They also entertained all the school’s pupils, who were dressed for Halloween, in the assembly hall and Wee Jimmy had the kids squealing with laughter when he poked fun at Ian’s weight.

Ian sniffed: “I go to the gym every day.” Jimmy quipped: “Aye, but when he used the rowing machine… it sank.” Winner Jackie McAllister said: “The Krankies were a great help. They made everyone laugh and brightened up our day.”

But cheeky Jimmy joked: “One thing hasn’t changed much since my day — school dinners still taste the same.”


Source: Sun Newspaper Archives

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