Christmas, simpler times


I was looking through some old family festive photos, mainly of the early 1970’s and found these. Taken in 1971 and 1972 at 10 Stonefield Crescent, Blantyre.

The little chap is me at 1 year old in 1971 and also a year later. It occurred to me how simpler Christmas was then. This is what I excitedly awoke to. Ten presents or so, no more and some of them were from aunties and uncles too! I was well happy and perhaps even with self suggestions now of being spoiled back then, being an only child at the time with many family members nearby.

The tree was smaller, simpler and traditional strings of paper cards on the wall. How different this is for some families now, whose fortunate children awake to a quarter of the entire room filled with presents.

However, let us not forget today, all the families who struggle at Christmas time, yet still find the means to make it as special as it can be for their children.

Peace and goodwill to all.

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Heather Mcwilliam My dad, Jack McWilliam, spent some Christmases in that same house in the 1940’s. One year he found six apples hidden in the wardrobe, and each one was carefully wrapped in tissue paper. He wasn’t very popular when he ate the lot.
Elizabeth Dobson Grieve Your family might have known my aunt and uncle Mary and Wullie Adair
Lillias Addison Mary and Willie Adair lived directly behind me.
Fiona Yeoman Mary and Willie Adair were my nana and papa. Happy memories
Isobel Hollis Mary and Bill were my parents. You’ll remember me, Lilias….. Isobel Adair! Xx
Lillias Addison Hi Isobel, yes I remember you

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