3,000 articles Milestone Reached!


This evening Blantyre Project website, (mirrored on our Facebook Page) reached an incredible milestone!

I have today published my 3,000th article here on the website. That’s THREE THOUSAND articles and history posts about Blantyre!! I can’t begin to tell you what an incredible amount of data, photos and words that is or the sheer effort it has taken. I have literally had a handful of evenings away from writing in 2016, and certainly I could count them on 2 hands.

For the last 5 years, Blantyre Project has endeavoured to properly archive Blantyre’s past in an accurate, meaningful and logical manner, creating an evolving, ever expanding archive, and a means for it to be permanently preserved. I have to admit, I’m swamped in things to investigate and add, meaning I’ll be posting for a long, long time!

It’s like a drug! I find myself looking forward to quiet time in evenings to write, after my little one is asleep (making sure I spend precious time with her when awake first as a priority!). Its addictive and I’m exceptionally proud that almost ALL those articles are uniquely different, compiled from my own research, never repeated. What we have now is a massive FREE archive, being used ALL OVER THE WORLD, in what is an unprecedented collection in one place of local Blantyre history. I’m forever astounded at the comments left on the website, emails and contributions just how much of a help the website has been for people researching their own ancestry and hope I can build on that.

Here’s to the next 3,000!


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  1. Well done for all the hard work and effort you have put in to producing an extremely interesting web site,I log on every day to see the next installment of Blantyre even thought I have never been there, its my Husbands ancestors that come from there, one day I will be visiting.

    1. Thank you Janet. That was a lovely message to read.

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