1904 Blantyre Weir & River Clyde

The full photo from 1904, of Blantyre Weir and the River Clyde, whilst the Gasworks are demolished at Blantyre Mills.


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Gord Fotheringham Fantastic picture…..remember the weir….sluice gates and wee bridge…..all the way to the turbine
Archie Peat I was born 200yds from what you call the ” weir ” in the 1940s and it was always known locally as the “Dam ” though I accept weir is a more accurate description !! Great stuff Paul , thanks
The Blantyre Project there is a deeper history to this area Archie. Even before 1785 and Blantyre Mills, this area was known as Millhaugh. Even in the 1700s before the mills, there was a very small weir or dam there next to an even earlier mill.

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