Tragic end to Sunday Service


angelA sad accident befell a little Blantyre girl as she left the Sunday Church Service on Glasgow Road on Sunday 18th September 1927.

Just as the congregation of Stonefield Parish Church were dispersing at 1.30pm on that fateful Sunday afternoon, a little local girl named Sarah McAulay, only 4 years of age  was knocked down by a Blantyre owned bus. Sarah lived nearby with her parents at 65 Auchinraith Road and had been attending Sunday School.

The Rev. McDermid, minister of that church, was amongst several volunteers who rushed to the scene with several parents and lifted the little girl up from the roadway. Traffic was stopped as they immediately transported her to Dr Jope’s house on the Glasgow Road.

It was found she had one leg broken and the other badly lacerated by the vehicle and she had suspected internal injuries. As such, she was removed to the Royal Infirmary in Glasgow.

However, the doctor’s suspicion of internal injuries was correct and sadly to the distraught of her family, the congregation and all who knew her, little Sarah McAulay died shortly after admission.

We often share different types of stories on this page, but today we remember Sarah McAulay, a little Blantyre angel.

Source: Motherwell Times. From “Blantyre Explained” by Paul Veverka (c) 2016

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  1. Dr Jope.Memory,2 doctors man and wife,home Broompark Rd,railway line adjacent to home,tennis court ,2 sons;both Glasgow Unv,one daughter,directly across the road a Pig Farm? era 1946.Paul,thanks you are giving me memories of HB.

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