New Blantyre Project Book – Preview

I’m excited to show you a sneak preview of the cover of the next Blantyre Project book.

The Annals of Blantyre” was written by former High Blantyre minister Stewart Wright in 1885, but it went out of publication in the early 20th Century. With more than 70 years now elapsed since his death, the copyright has now expired. It’s an interesting book about the history of Blantyre, especially focusing on aspects of the 19th Century.

Blantyre Project is republishing this book following painstakingly transcribing the old book, in exactly the way it first appeared and using the same illustrations and engravings. Of course, i have respected Rev Wright by ensuring he is the primary author, i.e the book is “by Stewart Wright.” Blantyre Project has facilitated, by making this fascinating book available to buy globally again with all proceeds going to Blantyre charities and good causes.


The “Annals of Blantyre” is the first of THREE books being published in 2017, the other two my own words and research. “Annals of Blantyre” will be available at a reasonable price, at the end of January.

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