Photoshop sneak….at it again

Here’s the latest sneaky one. If you ever see ANY high quality resolution photos of old Blantyre, with a stupid sunny sky photoshopped in, its because Blantyre’s Ain Website has copied the original from Blantyre Project, refused to mention where he got the photo from, crudely put a sky in that wasn’t part of the original image and published it on his own site, in a attempt to pass it as his own.
At my cost and expense (again). Makes me sick and is why I’m now watermarking all high resolution images bought or kindly donated to me.
Remember….sunny skies in a Blantyre old image….could be Blantyreferme Colliery, Glasgow Road, Wages Offices, Shuttle Row, High Blantyre….you name it , he’s taken it….dozens really…..they’re fake images, originals taken from Blantyre Project without permission. Its really time to name and shame further with a huge published list of the amount of images taken without permission.
I’d be happy to send anybody the original, unamended image (which i promise does NOT have a sunny cloudy sky), please feel free to ask and I’ll email it over.
You’ll always see the original images on Blantyre Project.

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