Blantyre Project Exhibition

wp_20160708_19_08_51_proI had some news today about my planned exhibition at David Livingstone Centre. As some of you know, I’ve been working hard this year with NTS and David Livingstone Trust to take Blantyre project to the next level, by having our history put into the museum, commencing with a large display within the Africa Pavillions.
This was really well progressed having started back in April 2016, with high resolution photos, meetings, discussions and actions about boards, layouts, and of course the stories of many Blantyre People.
Unfortunately, some of the staff at NTS are moving on, meaning I will likely have to start over with their new team. Additionally, I still haven’t resolved issues of copyright theft where several rare photos of Shuttle Row, High Blantyre and Crossbasket taken from Blantyre Project without permission are appearing on another website, that were intended for these display boards. Some photos even taken by my own family members all those year ago. I’ve had to register “Blantyre Project” as a company name and compile a dossier of the theft of intellectual property (words!) to protect my copyright interests further which is now complete. Before I make a legal step to resolve, I assure you I have endeavoured to get them removed by the individual to no avail and frequently too.. which may give you a sense of my frustration this week.
As such, Blantyre’s Archives in a museum is currently on hold… today it was confirmed to me by NTS staff via email the exhibition must slip from now to an unknown date in 2017.
Having a Blantyre Project archive at the centre is something I’ve dreamt about and knowing how much work many people have put into this venture so far, it is frustrating for it to be so close. With everything more or less done otherwise, I look forward to picking this worthwhile venture up again in Springtime with the new NTS team and once things are resolved to my satisfaction.
Photo: by Paul Veverka (c) taken in June 2016

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