Ancient Order Hibernians

3631898_origAncient Order of Hibernians – also named as the AOH. During 1909 were meeting in a hall in Glasgow Road called, “The Gaelic League Hall”. This may have been formerly called “Hope Hall” located directly across from the junction of Victoria Street, set back off the Glasgow Road.

The AOH is an Irish Catholic organisation. Members must be Catholic and either Irish-born or of Irish descent. Its largest membership is now in the United States, where it was founded in New York City in 1836. Its name was adopted by groups of Irish immigrants in the United States, its purpose to act as guards to protect Catholic churches from anti-Catholic forces in the mid-19th century, and to assist Irish Catholic immigrants, especially those who faced discrimination or harsh coal mining working conditions.

In Blantyre, this group of men may have been set up to protect the building of the St Joseph’s Church earlier in 1905, for there were reports of widespread vandalism of the church and a “group” of people set up to protect it, something that may also have been needed in the immediate years following its completion.

In 1909, their No. 6 Branch were managed by President Bro. Manus Duddy; Vice-President Bro Dan. Skelton; Secretary Bro. James Casey; Treasurer Bro. Dennis McKay; Asst. Secretrary Bro. Wm. Carrigan meeting every alternate Sunday at 1p.m.  The order disbanded in 1936. However, on Friday 24thJune 1967, the Ancient Order was resurrected in Blantyre meeting for the first time in 31 years.  Over 500 marchers took part including 7 bands.

From “Blantyre Explained” by Paul Veverka (c) 2016


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  1. Hello, lived in Glasgow for 14 years now. Originally from Liverpool with Irish parents and strongly a nationalist and republican. I would like to get involve in any AOH activities or actions.

  2. Hi Paul – great pix. My Grandpa Tom Dolan could be in this photo – he was about 24 years old in 1909 and married in St. Joseph’s in 1911.

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