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Ah, the Café de Royal or more commonly known as Mickeys Café on Stonefield Road.

1950 cafe de royal wm

I’m sure this will be fondly remembered by many people, even right into the 1970s.

A popular order was 2 scoops of ice cream with any choice of ginger (juice). Tommy, Nancy and Velma worked there. It was allegedly a good place to hide out in on a Sunday if you wanted out of mass with a roll and sausage.

Based at 1 Stonefield Road, it was established in 1906 (according to their adverts). Their phone number in the 1950s was Blantyre 142. Mickey Valerio penned the slogan on his adverts, which catered for all weather, “Do you feel cold? Try a coffee now. You feel hot? Have an Ice.”

From “Blantyre Explained” by Paul Veverka (C) 2016

On social media:

Bernadette Watt We used to dog mass in Mickeys or even just go in for ice cream
Jane Marie O’Brien I remember dogin’ mass there too. Lol! x
Sandy Robertson Who was it family wise who used to live out the back fĺat wi outside dunny?
Margaret Stewart I remember going in and the seating area was always really dark and a bit scary as we were only young 😋
Maggie O’Brien i remember sitting on a friday night with big john cushley and his father old ned he had just been told he waas paying against rangers next day as mcneil was injured he said jim forest woulld not score against him and he didnt.changed days for footballers now no sitting in mickeys night before a game.peter obrien here
Liz Boxall Whit Peter !!! You in a cafe on a Friday night 🙈❤️🍺
Anne Mackie love the wee telephone number xxxx
Hannah Mcaleenan a hot orange or a mars on ice
Jane Maxwell Myra Rouse, Helen Quinn, Moira Boyd and myself Jane Mc Laughlin would meet there after mass if we had money. We had many a Mars & ice and coke or milk shake in winter it was a hot orange. Those were the days.
Lorraine Muir We used to get ice cream on the way home whenever we visited my Nanny n take it up the road to make Ice Drinks!! We loved Mickey s and the ice cream was just the best!! Fond memories indeed 😄
Geraldine McLaughlin I think we all used to hide out there during 12 o’clock mass, just had to make sure you knew who said mass & pop over long enough to be seen by one of mum & dad’s friends . Cream soda ice drink was my favourite . Old Mrs Valerio always called me Gelladine . X
Carol Ann Ferguson My mum was very good friends Geraldine McLaughlin, we called them Aunt Nancy and Uncle Tommy, they were very kind to Paul and I as kids x
Geraldine McLaughlin I remember , you lived there too didn’t you x
Carol Ann Ferguson Yeh….I was there until I was 2 or 3 years old……that wasnt yesterday eh lol. Hope all is going well with the pub, will need to visit some time xxx
Mary McGhee Anne Marie Hanlon, one of our haunts when I came up from Cambuslang to visit my gran McDermott – above the Knight’s hall, and my McDermott cousins in Belvoir Place, and my McLaughlin cousins on Glasgow Road- the undertakers. Happy, happy memories.
Anne Marie Hanlon Just thinking the same thing. Hot orange. Mars bar. And ringing my mums cousin from the wee phone box. Simple pleasures. Happy days. Getting old Mary. Lol. Xxxx
Jane Clacy My first stop when I came home
Carole Mackie Rickard I remember going for a double nugget or a quarter of sweets as a youngster, then a roll & sausage at lunchtime when at the high school ’83-86. Pamela McKeown
Pamela McKeown Then after school for chips and a can of coke! Xx
Jo Kelly Into the 80s too. I was born in 79 and i have memories of this placexx
Phyllis Rooney Loved my wee Friday Saturday and Sunday job there Marie Rooney. 50 pence an hour and I was loaded!
Great times! Xx
Jim Cochrane Most of the houses and buildings on stonefield road and broompark road and the area in between paid feus to Old Mr Rochead then Jimmy Rochead until the law was changed in the 1980s and feus were done away with.  Paul Veverka . I think that side of the road including the shops at the bottom.

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  1. Hi I have been looking up our family name and my father in laws is one of the sons of the Valerio brothers. His name is Edward Valerio.We now live in Greenock and would appreciate any help you can provide.

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