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Throughout October, I’ll be bringing you adverts from Blantyre businesses in days gone by. Today is the turn of Blantyre Engineering Works with an advert from 1950.

1950 Blantyre Engineering wm

This business was created by Mr James Kelly who was associated with Blantyre Celtic and Kelly’s Pub. It was formerly location at Forrest Street.

Noted in the 1930 valuation roll as being owned by Blantyre Engineering Company. In November 1933, they were awarded the contract to demolish all the derelict surface buildings at two pits at Whitehaven.

Before she was married, Jane Paterson worked as the office junior in Blantyre Engineering. Her job included going to Littles Bakery in the morning and fetching the rolls then over to the old post office and get the company mail, which was transported in an old brown leather satchel. Other office staff in the latter part of the 20th Century included Cathie Rouse, Betty MacAleenan and Dot Wood who was a telephonist.

From “Blantyre Explained” by Paul Veverka (c) 2016

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Margo Clayton My mum, Mary Bowie, was a tracer there in the 1940’s. Her father, Alex Inglis, also worked there.
The Blantyre Project thanks Margo. This is exactly the kind of social history i’m hoping for in October, by putting up a daily advert. Almost all of these ads haven’t been seen online, but they’re all 20th Century businesses, some with roots in the 19th Century. I’m hoping each day people can tell me more, who worked there, when the business finished etc so my notes can be made more complete. Appreciated.
Margo Clayton I think Alex Bowie has a photo of people who worked in the drawing office. Can ask my mum if you want more information?
James Dunn Think a Mr Robertson co ran it for years P s l served my time with them 1957 to sisters nickname sooty
Jan McFarlane My husband Alex Mcfarlane worked there 1965 when Michael Kelly (a Lord Provost of Glasgow ) owned the company . Great place for learning your trade . Mr George Ferguson was manager then . The Leggate brothers Tommy and Peter also Alex Braidwood were among the men working there .
Betty McLean We have a small ruler that belonged to my father-in-law Tom McLean who worked at the Blanttyre Engineering Co. He worked there from age 14 till he retired. He also kept in touch with men who had gone to war by sending parcels and letters to them.
The Blantyre Project thanks Betty. Got your email. Very interesting. I will try to source more about the wording.
James Dunn Lord provest was one of the Kelly’s sons did not have
James Dunn PS other names ring many bells +what about ran bethel the bookie
James Dunn Machine shop foreman Mr Boyed then WBlackburn The Greenhorns ring many bells
Margo Clayton Spoke to my mum today and she said that before WW1 it was known as Goodwin, Bruce & Govan. After Ww1 it was known as Blantyre Engneering. My grandpa, Alex Inglis was a foreman engineer in the girders shop. He was there from after Ww1 until the mid 1950’s.
Margo Clayton Liquidators notice of Goodwin, Bruce and Govan!

Margo Clayton's photo.

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  1. Hi, I’m trying to find any information about the “Blantyre automatic tipping machinery” which I know was used for collieries and quarries. In aparticular it was adopted by the great Penrhyn Slate Quarries in North Wales in the 1930s. So far I’ve drawn a blank – can anyone help? An advert, a link to a description, anything? Thanks.

    1. Sorry Graham -I’ve not heard about that, but will keep an eye out. Paul

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