Social Presentation at East Free Church


1890 Burleigh church

c1890 Burleigh Church

On Thursday 8th February 1900 Mr George Kelly and Miss Maggie Robertson on the occasion of their approaching marriage were made the recipients of gifts from their fellow members of the choir of the East Free Church just off Glasgow Road (The Burleigh Church).

News reports of the time commented, “The company met in the hall adjoining the church. After tea, the Rev. Burleigh spoke in flattering terms of the respect that Mr Kelly and Miss Robertson were held and in the name of the choir, presented them with a walking stick and reading lamp respectively. Mr Kelly then gave a speech of thanks. During the evening, songs were sung by Messrs T Eadie, J Robertson and Andrew Robertson. Miss Taggart showed excellent elocutionary power in her rendering of “Oor Folks”. Games were entered into with great zest and altogether a very enjoyable evening was spent.”

From “Blantyre Explained” by Paul D Veverka © 2016

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