School Board Nominations


1910 colour glasgow rd wmOver the next few days I’ll be posting about Blantyre School Board. This was an elected Committee, renewed every 3 years by public election. The purpose was to govern Blantyre’s Schools both at High Blantyre and at Low Blantyre. It was an important year, for 1900 saw many changes to the Education Act, especially around improvements to the welfare of children.

School Board Nominations: An election of Blantyre Candidates on to the School Board took place on 10th March 1900, just as it had done in 1897.

By late February 1900, the nominations had all came in, submitted in advance. There was a good variety of professions wishing to be involved in school matters and the nominations included old members and people wishing a new place on the Board.

They were:
*1. Rev, James Campbell;
2. Angus McQuarrie of Ulva House;
*3. William Grant MD;
*4. Neil Douglas, a cashier,
5. William Tait, a draper;
*6. Alex Davidson, a miner ;
*7. James Kelly, spirit merchant,
8. Thomas Devannay, a spirit merchant,
9. Rev Charles Scrimgeour Turnbull;
*10. John Menzies, colliery manager;
*11. William Small, secretary;
12. John Gray, a miner;
13. Alexander Louden, flesher;
14. John Sneddon, factor of houses;
15. Hugh Lapraik, colliery Surface Superintendent; and
16. John C Wilson, MD.

Those marked with (*) were present members who were seeking re-election. Of those existing members at the time however Rev Dr Hackett and Mr William Walker were not nominated. Therefore there were 16 nominations for only 9 seats. These people faced a public vote and set out to campaign all over Blantyre with their committee men, friends and family.

From “Blantyre Explained” by Paul Veverka (c) 2016

Pictured in 1910 is Glasgow Road looking eastwards.

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