Looking for Mae Allen (or Allan)


Geraldine Marie Baird messaged the page asking, “I hope this is appropriate-Hello Friends, although a Ruglonian I love Blantyre.

In the 50’s I regularly got the steam train from Rutherglen to Blantyre and walked over the bride to school in Bothwell.

I am posting because decades ago I lost touch with a wonderful woman Mae Allen, who in the early 1970’s stayed in Small Crescent, it was just behind where the Asda has been built if I mind correctly.

Although I didn’t know it then…. Mae changed the course of my life, for the better! I would love to be in contact with her or get an update. Mae and I started University together in the early 1970’s. We had gone to Bell College to take the necessary highers. This is where we met. If anyone can help it would be much appreciated and as I said love Blantyre Folk.”

Can anybody trace Mae or know of her current whereabouts?


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  1. Alexander Thank You so much, her daughter contacted me, May was a wonderful, kind, smart woman she changed my life and I am grateful to her. May she rest in Peace.

  2. Geraldine, sorry to have bad news, afraid May died a number of years ago, she and John moved from Small crescent to Hunthill rd. We knew her from the social clubs then, where she sang. She had a beautiful voice. Not sure if anyone else has replied to your post but she had three daughters who may still live in the area.

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