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Thank you to Robert Stewart who shared this photo he took at the corner of Main Street and Cemetery Road.  Robert added, “When was the small block of flats built at the corner of Main Street and Cemetery Road? It must be at least 15 years ago, I can’t remember. I do remember the site being a Monumental Sculptors yard. The yard faced onto the main street with a 4 ft. metal palisade fence to the front, with a display of memorials behind. I’d guess the yard was there for a good part of the operational life of Blantyre cemetery up until the new Priestfield cemetery opened.”

There certainly was a memorial sculptors yard there on the former site of the High Blantyre Bethany Hall. The location at the corner of Cemetery road before housing was Kirklands Memorials which sold Gravestones. It is unknown to me the exact date the houses were built or when Kirklands closed down, but it it thought the building was constructed between 1990 and 1995.

Do you know the exact year the brick building next to The Dales Tenements was built or more about Kirklands Memorials?

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From “Blantyre Explained” by Paul Veverka (c) 2016

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Moyra Lindsay The upstairs flat on the extreme left was ours 1967-1970. Happy days!

Jeanette Turvey My grandad john lamond was born in cemetery road in 1898 ! I’m so enjoying all this information on high blantyre thanks.

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