Glasgow Rd look into the past


I have a great photo from 1904 showing a Blantyre tram heading eastwards on Glasgow Road. Taken not far from the junction of Forrest Street, I have overlaid the old photo on to a modern Glasgow Road photo to put the area into a current context.

It’s a great way of seeing how much has changed in the last Century. I have to admit, I much prefer the way it was.

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Bill Graham I agree, Blantyre was a much better place even back in the 60’s and 70’s.
The Blantyre Project doing this certainly lets a younger generation see just how VASTLY different Glasgow Road used to be.
Bill Graham I don’t think younger people know how well provided Blantyre was for shopping you could buy every thing you needed with out leaving the town.
Betty McLean Loved the old buildings they had character
Anne Mackie took the heart out when they demolished for the sake of going “modern”
Marianne Timmons It all went down hill when Asda came to town, it was a place you could buy everything you needed up and down the street 🤐
Carol Crombie Looked so much better then

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