2016,2017 & 2018 Books Update


I’ve received a few messages in recent weeks asking if I have another book coming out this year. Truth be told, I have various exciting book drafts open, some very well progressed, others with LOADS to do. I won’t be rushing future books out for publication for the sake of it, preferring quality at all times. There’s not one evening goes by that I don’t progress these book drafts in some way. As a statement though, “There won’t be any books released in 2016”.
The following may be subject to change and may give you a glimpse of my busy evenings and weekends!
1. “Blantyre Banter” by the Blantyre Project is out in Winter 2017. On occasion I have taken my computer out to local pubs/clubs and collected the life experiences of everyday Blantyre people. It’s amazing how the stories flow, when people have a drink or two. The sights, sounds and memories of real Blantyre people. It’s a real good read with many witty stories and I think will be warmly received. It’s currently 65% written, although I need more amusing and contemporary stories to finish it! It’s very much on the backburner.
2. “Blantyre Project – A Journey in Time – Volume 4” continues the popular series of historical news articles and researched history into Blantyre’s people and buildings. This has slipped but is well progressed at 80% written with the cover ready. It won’t unfortunately make my original Christmas deadline due to seeking further permissions for photos and extensive editing so this looks likely to be released in Summer 2017 (gala deadline). I envisage this will be long running series.
3. “Blantyre Images Vol 1” by Blantyre Project is a smaller book, showing the best highest resolution old photos and postcards from between 1900 – 2000. This book is extremely pictorial, with very little words and will serve to show just how much Blantyre has changed. It was the book most asked for, when I polled this page earlier in the year. This is the book I’m currently focusing on. It’s around 70% complete but will miss 2016. Release date is New Year 2017.
4. “Blantyre Explained” by the Blantyre Project will be out in 2018/2019. This will be an 800 page massive book, (the thickness of a brick) containing a million words! It will be THE definitive book about Blantyre, containing reference to people, buildings and events in detail. It will contain every newsworthy event I can possibly uncover in all of Blantyre’s history. It will be fully illustrated containing everything about Blantyre that I can cram into it past and present. This book will be reference book, due to its size. Everything I have ever written in condensed into it in encyclopaedic format. No stone is unturned. This book draft was opened first in July 2011 and when finished will have taken 7 or 8 years to write. It will correct some history previously published by others and of course contain all the exciting brand new research and discoveries of not just my own, but comments of many thousands of people here on this page. It also contains the excellent assistance from a few like minded people. I’d say it is 60% complete just now.
5. “A Squirrel’s Tale” collates my own life, autobiographical experiences about Blantyre from 1971 until 1990 in some detail. It’s an insight into my Blantyre life as a child and teenager growing up in Blantyre. What i saw, what i did, where i went and a huge helping of social history. The happy times. The sad times. As a child i kept a diary/journal on and off, and certainly for the ages of 11-13 and 16-18, i have a detailed account of what i did everyday. It will be illustrated with many family photographs. This has helped me fill in gaps and memories and able to write about what life was like in the 1970’s and 1980’s in Blantyre. It’s well progressed although needs further permissions obtained from some people, including a monumental editing task ahead. It will be released in 2018.
6. “The Marianski Chronicles” by Blantyre Project, is a 200 page publication due out in Summer 2017. It features an immigrant to Scotland, once living in Hamilton and then Blantyre. The life account of this colourful character and what he go up to in this town, is told in detail. I’m frustratingly awaiting some information from another source to continue this but it’s about 60% complete.
I also have open drafts of sizeable historical transcribes, now copyright free for future publication.
Phew! This is all time pending of course. My writing is all done in evenings and weekends, once my wee girl is sleeping and I’ve had quality family time. Whilst dates are given above, they’re indicative and can be changed at any time, (to ensure i remain in good health!) I hope hearing that there are no releases in 2016 is not too disappointing. 2017 certainly looks to be an exciting year for several Blantyre Project books!
I take nothing from the sale of these books. It all 100% goes into local Blantyre good causes. My satisfaction comes in knowing they are a legacy for future generations. Thanks to everybody who takes an interest in my writing and research.


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  1. I am so appreciative that you are doing this…and can’t wait for the releases. My Blantyre ancestors are Calder, Cather, Johnston and Maxwell.

    Best Regards,

  2. Am eagerly awaiting your story about Croftfood, my Husband’s Father was born there in 1899, contacted you some time ago and you mentioned at some point you would be giving the history of Croftfoot. Log on everyday to read your very interesting stories. A very big thank you.

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