1904 Glasgow Road


1904 Glasgow Road at Gilmours wm

Love this photo! This is Glasgow Road looking to the north side around 1904. The single tram lane in the forefront of the photo, a relatively new addition at the time on Glasgow Road.

A horse and cart is backed up on the pavement, into the delivery close for Gilmour’s Hardware shop. The horse blocking the footpath, forcing pedestrians like the lady in the long dress and hat, on to the road and into the gutter for a few steps to bypass the obstruction! Next to the cart is Stonefield Post Office, which would later move to Stonefield Road.

In the background, the street leads down to the right, which is Forrest Street. Putting this picture into context in modern times, the lady would have been walking on the Glasgow Road, directly in front of Andy’s Tyres and Car wash. I hope this is the first time you have seen this photo in such detail.

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