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Screen Shot 2016-05-29 at 23.11.49Jean Hamilton, (nee Norris) writes, “Hi to anyone out there that might know something about my family. I was born in Blantyre at 55 Craig Street. My grandmother was nurse macfarlane. My mother passed away recently and over the years alot of information about our family has gone. My great grandfather was Alexander Smillie. I think he built the house in Craig Street and he had a butchers shop and property in Blantyre other than that i’m stuck. If anyone has any info you can contact me on facebook or, I would be most grateful for any help.”

I don’t have many notes on the Smellies of Craig Street (I know their name was written as Smillie in the latter 20th Century.) Mr. John F Smellie, together with Mary Smellie, certainly in 1930, owned several houses at Craig Street, including all the odd numbered houses from number 35 to number 55.

They likely inherited them from Alexander Smillie. Nurse MacFarlane is remembered by many people in Blantyre and I have promised to put this post up on the page to see if anybody can add more detail to help Jean. Thanks.

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James Connolly My mother used to wax lyrical about nurse McFarland. In the days of home births many moons ago I believe said nurse brought me and my brother and possibly my sister into the world. Blantyre legend.

Moyra Lindsay Nurse McFarlane brought me into the world and half an hour later she delivered Donald McDonald who was in my class at Auchinraith until we left. She was related to Valerie Pates mother I think. Valerie is Kravchek and lives in Church Street. Not sure if I have correct spelling.

Hazel Krawczyk Yes it was my great grandads sister my mum remembers them well. X

Moyra Lindsay Hi Hazel tell Valerie it’s Moyra Stewart.

Hazel Krawczyk Moyra Lindsay she says hi !

Betty McLean Nurse MacFarlane rode her bike as I remember her. She delivered my sister and two brothers.

Dan Rodger My mother lived at 39 Craig street and her grandmother lived at 45 she remembers nurse macfarlane and was friendly with her daughter sheena who had two sisters Annie and helen

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  1. I would like to contact Jean Hamilton (Norris). My aunts Helen and Ann lived at 55 Craig Street with their mother nurse Jeannie MacFarlane.

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