Salmon at the Weir

salmonMy brother Ivan took this photo earlier this afternoon at Blantyre Weir.

Whilst our walking, he observed salmon leaping out the water. He grabbed his camera and took this photo of a fine, mature salmon, nearly 2 feet long , jumping clear out the water. Good evidence of Salmon returning back to The Clyde at this point,but i think this one has misjudged the salmon ladder, jumping a little too early!

I always like to add a little history to any photo sent to me. So….during the 1960s, Salmon were released into the Clyde in an attempt to re-introduce the species in abundance to the River. The venture was partially successful and by 1983, reports of adult salmon at Blantyre Weir found the fish trying desperately to navigate the large barrier, again.

In 1984, formation of the River Clyde Fisheries Management Trust took place to supervise and coordinate the future development of the River Clyde salmon fishing rights and in 1993, they began negotiations to improve salmon access at Blantyre. This resulted in the construction of this salmon fish ladder at the western side of the weir.

In 1995, just 2 years after, monitored reports showed many fish ascending the ladder, something that has continued (thankfully) ever since.

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