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1904 Parish Council Offices wm

1904 Parish Council Offices

On the first Thursday in February 1900, a statutory meeting of the Parish Council took place in High Blantyre. There were several topics. First up was a discussion about the Poor Law Act. Mr Neil Douglas presided. Also present were Messrs J Reid, Loudon, W Reid, Hastie, Batters, McQuarrie, Davidson, Paterson, McMillan, McInulty, Jackson and Nimmo, with Mr. AB Maxwell, inspector of the poor. The roll of the poor was adjusted and the number of applications for relief was considered.

Second on the agenda was a reporting of finances. The Law and Finance committee reported that accounts amounting to £1,224 2s 6d including £1,000 paid to School Board were examined and recommended for payment. The inspectors account amounted to £136 1s 11d for the past month. Rates collected amounted to £4,162 15s (this was the equivalent of modern council tax) as compared with £4,642 6s 9d the previous year in 1899.

Finally, attention turned to offers for the new Parish Council Chambers, which were to be built in Cemetery Road. It was announced that £1,000 loan had been secured for building purposes. The following offers were then accepted from local tradesmen for the building work. Mason Work by Wright & Adam £356 18s 8d (taking up a third of the budget), joiner work by J Dow & Co £304 11s 4d taking up another third, plaster work R Stewart £109 12s 3d, plumber work T Henderson £63 9s 3d, tile work J Youden & Co £31 0s 10d. The clerk was instructed to write to the clerk of the School Board arranging a meeting of their respective committees for the purpose of considering accommodation for the School Board within the new chambers. Meeting was concluded.

From “Blantyre Explained” by Paul D Veverka © 2016

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