Greenhall & Milheugh Walk


Around 30 residents of Blantyre of all ages, on the evening of Tuesday 7th June 2016 enjoyed a wonderful 3km walk together at Greenhall and Milheugh.

Leaving from the park at 7pm in very pleasant temperatures and dry conditions, people were given an informative guided tour by South Lanarkshire staff and knowledgeable park rangers, to explain the imminent forestry plans for the area.

The Calder River was running low, offering a chance for dogs to play at the riverside in and out the water. Walking alongside wild garlic, the last of the bluebells, ferns and firs in what is surely Blantyre’s most scenic green area.

The woodland and riverside walk allowed people a chance to hear firsthand about the development plans for the woodland, what areas are to be felled to make way for replanted trees, and improvements proposed for the paths, signage and bridges.

Spirits were high and a great evening was had by all. It was also our reminder of just how beautiful the space around Blantyre truly is. Photos: Blantyre Telegraph

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