Lord Blantyre’s Crypt

Pictured here exclusively on Blantyre Project are photos by Gordon Cook from the early 1980s, showing Kirkton Cemetery at High Blantyre Cross.

These show the only known photos I have seen of Lord Blantyre’s Crypt on the east side of the cemetery adjacent to Douglas Street. The crypt itself was removed above ground when the former Church was demolished in 1863, but it had left a little bricked up structure which was even in the 19th Century deemed as an eyesore and not becoming for nobility buried below it.

By the 20th Century, the crypt was concreted over, which is what we see today, although for some time, iron railings were put around it, which are no longer there today.

These photos show Lord Blantyre’s tomb still with the railings intact. I have provided a zoomed in copy also to show a little more detail.

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