Auchentibber Tyre Dump

2016 Auchentibber Farm 25 July by AR wmThere are no other words for it. Auchentibber Farm continues its sad decline by becoming a haven for fly tipping of the worst possible kind.

Tyres now fill the buildings to the rafters and are spilling out of them into the yard. With the derelict fire damaged building sitting remotely and with the gates removed, the site is proving popular with fly tippers, who have taken it upon themselves to dump all this rubbish on to somebody’s private property.

This isn’t a council problem, its the problem of the owner of the building and it is becoming grossly unsightly in what is otherwise a beautiful area. I fear for Auchentibber Farm, as it’s slowly becoming apparent there may not be a way back from this other than to clear the entire site. I’d love to be proven wrong and see it renovated.

Photo by Alex Rochead.

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Marian Maguire Yes it is a lovely reminder of Blantyre in times gone by, let’s hope it’s restored and these morons are caught.

Alan Baird saw it the other day , definatatly saddened by the state of affairs

Jim McDougall For this sort of criminal act fly tipping .those responsible should be heavily fined and there transport confiscated. I’m pretty sure that would soon put a stop to these Bloody morons

Alistair Morrow Unfortunately Friends of Cambusnethan Priory are having the same problem down at the Priory 🙁 ….

Davy Wright Was up past here at the weekend with my son and was sad to see it had gotten so bad, people who do this fly tipping are not your average person, this is companies well garages to be exact and they should be caught, fined and made to take their tyres back and recycle them the way they are supposed to.

Jean McIntosh Who owns it Paul?

Grant Forrest This is criminal – quite close to me and very sad….owner should be beefing up security and actually doing something with the site – whoever this is

Paul Ford This is what the developers want, it won’t be long before they’re building houses on the land.

The Blantyre Project I’ve had emails from people wanting to buy it to renovate it back into a farm and pay handsomely for that privilege but don’t want to assume on current ownership and therefore can’t pass on their details.

James Stirling something funny here, if you are fly tipping you tip them and of you go but the tyres are stacked to the roof ,are we going to see another building going up in flames ?

Christine Wallace Awful, and such a lovely house – great potential!

Elizabeth Cornwell I agree with James Stirling there’ll be another even more destructive fire before too long!It is disgraceful!

Jim Cochrane I am sure whoever belongs to it now would quite gladly like it burned down.

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