Auchentibber Farm & Byre

Following the catastrophic fire at Auchentibber Farm in early December 2015, the building has continued to be left to ruin. As Alex Rochead’s photos show here, the large ornamental black gates have been removed.

The byre used for milking cows, is lying open and as can be seen here in May 2016, the building is in a very poor condition. Indeed, seeing these photos, I have to think Auchentibber Farm’s days are just about done.

Still, there is always hope. I said the same thing about Crossbasket Castle 5 years ago and look what happened there! Somebody needs to buy Auchentibber and start renovating this building. It is a real part of Blantyre’s heritage and such a shame to see it like this. Do you know who now owns it?

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