1975 Hastie’s Farm

A wonderful , warm photo from Marion Robertson, who kindly shared her picture of herself with friends at former Hastie’s Farm, just off Victoria Street back in 1975.

Marion will no doubt be able to answer this, but I thought I’d give others a chance to see if you recognise anybody.

1975 Hasties Farm from Marion Smith1

On social media:

Linda Ross O’Donnell Can regognise Marion of course,Helen Stewart? and valerie Currie but not the rest

Annmargaret Hepburn Valerie Greenhorn X

Karen Paterson Simpkins Rose Paterson do you recognise anyone here?

Carol Crombie Val ? Second from left

Len Northfield No, but I was working in the petrol station, clearing out the bars in the mornings, and peeling potatoes for the kitchen (when I wasn’t at school), all for 25p an hour!

Rab Straiton Tom Brownlie also worked in the petrol station.

Len Northfield Yes. Iain Freeman and I worked there and Tom started the summer I left Blantyre, 1976.

Rose Paterson Val (curry) Greenhorn brings back the memories .Gordon and I use to go there often 🙂 happy days 😄

Iain Freeman Len, your are wrong, we got 40p an hour

Len Northfield You might have, I got 25p. I distinctly recall getting £11 one week for doing 44 hours (over and above school)!

Graham Kane Liz Barclay

Liz Barclay Im not there Graham Kane but I know some of them lol.

Marie Higgins Valerie never changed x

Linda Ross O’Donnell Well Ma whose the others

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  1. All yous laddies are having a fantastic time. I have been looking for Yal curry the sister of Gordon Curry. My sister Rena Foley who had been married to John Foley. We’re school sweethearts. John Foley sadly passed away in March 21 from cancer. Rena sadly massed away from covid19. Ithough that was val in the picture l maybe mistaken. Please pass the message. Marie Coyle Renas Sister ( Kerrigan) attend John Ogivle High.

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