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robertsonMark Perrie sent in this photo of a green bottle (pictured on the wooden table) that he dug up and found in Fife. An old Robertsons Bottle no less, complete with early Robertsons winged logo and stamped Blantyre. This was of course a bottle from Robertsons Aerated Water company formerly based in Springwells Blantyre.

I let Gordon Cook see this, knowing if his interest in collecting all things “Robertsons” and Gordon told me the winged logo was always on these battles, even going back to the beginnings of the factory.

Gordon has amassed quite a collection of Robertsons bottles, which are on display in Hamilton library. He shared some photos here to let us all see the different types.

I’m currently writing up some history about Robertsons of Springwell, but in the meantime, here’s a couple of snippets i’ve uncovered so far.

Established in 1870. By the mid 1930s, Andrew Robertson & Company were the owners and tenants of the aerated water factory and bottling stores at Springwells.

In the mid 20th Century, Mr Jock Shaw was a delivery driver. He had one arm and lived on Parkville Drive. Despite his disability, he still was capable of offloading the crates of bottles and deliverying them from his horse and cart, which was seen often in the streets of Blantyre.

On social media:

Suzanne Logue My Gran worked there 😊

Anthony Smith Robertsons Cola was the best,ever.

Liz Boxall My dad George Tennant and my uncles John Brownlee and Jock Gibson worked in Robertson when I was a child so we always had plenty bottles of ginger oh happy days 😀

Traci Smith Robertson loved the American Cream Soda and Orange for making ice cream drinks in the summer  

Margaret Mary OSullivan Yep, Robertsons American Cream Soda was the absolute best for making ice drinks! My Dad, Joe Callaghan, used to make them for me when I was a wee girl. Happy days indeed.



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  1. Just dug up the metal lid from the bottle today in Motherwell! Nice little find considering I’m from blantyre

  2. Just found a Robertson bottle in the back cupboard in my work place. If anyone is interested in it please contact

  3. I have just dug up one of these bottles with the lid still on it what’s the value

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