Morris Crescent Fire 1929

A fire broke out about 5.30am on the morning of Friday 3rd May 1929 in a two-storey double-block dwelling situated at 104 Morris Crescent, Blantyre, in the centre of the relatively new large housing scheme.

The house was occupied by Mr William Hardie, a commercial traveller who was employed by a Glasgow firm. He lived at number 104 with his wife and three children. The Hardie family all had been sleeping upstairs. In the early morning, Mrs Hardie was awakened by a strong smell of burning, and on her husband going downstairs he found it impossible to enter the living-room owing to the density of smoke.

Mr Hardie raised the alarm and wakened his three children, and had them removed outside at once, practically in their night clothes. The family next door was also alerted, and other neighbours quickly came to their assistance. They were soon joined by the police, and their combined efforts were successful in curtailing the spread of the flames. It was unknown how the fire had started, but the family considered it a lucky escape.

Pictured in more modern times is 104 Morris Crescent.

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