Lost on the Golf Course 1929


fatwalletbyellisarThis is the story of a Blantyre man on holiday who got a fright when he dropped his wallet!

Whilst strolling across Helensburgh Golf Course one day in the Glasgow Fair holiday 1929, a Blantyre man dropped his wallet containing £156 in cash. (Now, lets put that in perspective, that about £9,000 in todays money!!)

After a fruitless search, he quickly reported the matter to the local police and you can imagine the kind of night he had fretting.

However, the next day the wallet, with the money absolutely intact, was found by working-class Helensburgh man, named Hugh Sharkey, 24 Alma Place, who took it the Police Office. At the Burgh Police Court, Superintendent MacKay asked the presiding Magistrate to give Sharkey the reward of 10 per cent. i.e about £15 or £900 in todays money. The Blantyre visitor, it was said, had only reported the loss of £146, but when the wallet was found with £156 he said that he had forgotten that he had put £10 in another pocket of the wallet, prompting court intervention. It was never stated what the money was to be used for.

The small court officials on the official handover of the money back to the Blantyre man, convulsed with laughter when, in answer to question of the Assessor, Sharkey said that he was golfer and that he had been looking for penny golf balls at the time he came across the wallet. Sharkey was congratulated by the Bench for his honesty, and the Blantyre man shook hands firmly with him before parting company.

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Elizabeth Weaver I wonder why the Blantyre man’s name isn’t revealed? I know times were different back then – but carrying that amount of money in your wallet at the golf course? And he’d “forgotten” about the extra £10? Hmm. Wonder what kind of deals were being discussed as they played. Glad Mr Sharkey got his reward anyway and hope it helped.

The Blantyre Project i had wondered about the lack of name too and assumed he may have been embarrassed or asked specifically not to be named. Other reports of the day weren’t so descriptive and again didn’t mention him. I agree though, this strikes me as quite odd.

Lee Alex Caskey A Blantyre man with 9k naaa must be a myth lol..

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