Livingstone Dark Gallery

When you think back of being a child and visiting David Livingstone Centre, perhaps a fond memory for you, like me, was being in the dark room, pressing the buttons as each scene of Livingstone life lit up the darkness. It was a wonder, felt special and different and was somewhat spooky if i recall, as you entered the room.

It’s not surprising that there’s no contemporary photos of the gallery as it’s always in darkness. However, to give you a glimpse of what it looks like lit up, heres a photo taken in February 1958 ,shared here by Derek Wilson.

Each scene (carved by Pilkington Jackson) was commissioned and depicts the life of Livingstone at various times. The scenes were commissioned using funds raised, which were still incoming for this purpose, right up until the opening in October 1929.

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On social media:

Helen Grieve I remember being scared stiff as a kid.

Aileen Hamilton I remember pulling up a handle to light each scene. The noise the handle pulling caused really added to the spooky atmosphere x

Irene Dickman That room scared me.

Fran Mcdermott Walters Scared the life out of me lol

Jim Frame And me as well lol

Betty McLean I always felt I was in the presence of a great man

Anne Marie Thomas That room terrified me

Carol Porter I remember the smell

Jean McIntosh A bit scary when I went as a child with the Sunday School from Glasgow.

Barbara Kerr We went there at every opportunity. It was just along the road and I remember the room becoming dark. Loved the atmosphere before and after the darkness.

Ginny Atkins I visitedthis many years ago with my aunt Jean and cousin Maisie when I was staying with them for a little holiday and I still remember it happy memories xxx

Maisie Whittaker That was a few years ago Ginny .happy memories xx

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