Kirklea Cottage & Kirklea Place


1936 Kirklea placeKirklea Cottage – was a former cottage on the south side of Main Street, which had address 75 and 77 Main Street. It was located on the Main Street itself and was situated at Auchinraith between Bellsfield and Birdsfield Farm. Mr. John Craig of Bellsfield built it between 1895 and 1898. By 1905 Mr William Wallace and James Findlay, the trustees of the late John Craig owned the cottage, which was occupied by Mark Browrigg and is noted as being in Auchinraith. Mark was still renting the cottage in 1915, which is noted in that valuation roll as having address 77 Main Street. Mr. Robert Nelson was the tenant in 1920. Mrs Ellen Nelson was the tenant in 1925.

There are no known references to Kirklea Cottage after 1925, nor does the address exist today, forcing a conclusion that the property was subsequently demolished sometime between 1925 and 1930, perhaps due to subsidence from nearby Dixons or Auchinraith Collieries. The name was partly salvaged though, for in the 1930 valuation roll, a new name for an existing cottage appears at 245 Main Street, further along as Kiklea Cottage. (Note, without an r). By 1930, Kirklea Place, an existing row of one-storey homes on Main Street was given individual names for each home. The entry “Kiklea” is either an error in the valuation roll, or is deliberate to distinguish from other properties once belonging to the late John Craig. See Kirklea Place and Kiklea Cottage.

Kirklea Place – is a current block of one-storey homes in High Blantyre built by John Craig of Bellsfield, High Blantyre between 1895 and 1898. The houses comprise of a larger house at the east end of the block on the south side of Main Street, referred to as Kiklea Cottage. Directly across from Family Shopper within the row at 245 Main Street is ‘Kiklea Cottage’, 247 was ‘Craigretea Cottage’, 249 was ‘Stanley Cottage’, 253 was ‘Fernlea Cottage’ and 257 was ‘Victoria Cottage.’ It is unknown how the names came to be, but they appear for the first time in the 1930 valuation roll, incidcating that the separate cottage names were given between 1925 and 1930, perhaps to get rid of the old Kirklea Place name. It should not be confused with Kirkland Place, which was across the road at the junction of Cemetery Road.

The cottages are still there today and open out on to a busy location. (pictured) None of them appear to be named outside on any nameplate although they may still carry the name within their postal addresses. It is safe to say the overall name Kirklea Place seems to have been forgotten.

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Bill Graham When I was living in Lintbutts (267 main st.) the white cottage pictured was owned by the Moffits, there were 2 brothers the one I was friendly with was Neil and he had an older brother. The father was if I remember correctly a police man. We used to run go carts down the hill from my house round the corner into Kirkton Ave ( my memory has gone, I don’t think the road was Kirkton Ave?). I got a clip round the ear from the village bobby for running him over as I went round the corner. Happy days. The cottage at the far end was owned by a Mrs Blair.

Margaret Stewart Nearer the opposite end of the row the Murray family lived. Mrs Margaret Murray’s mother was mrs darling who was the post mistress in the post office across the road

James Connolly indeed the moffats lived in the end house. i knocked about with neil for years and am still in touch with him. there were seven kids in all


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