Jimmy Hislop 1923-1976


Jimmy HIslopHere’s a photo of Blantyre man Jimmy Hislop. I’m hoping people may remember Jimmy and provide a little more information.

His daughter, June, shared the photo recently, adding, “This is my dad. He was born and bred in High Blantyre Main Street in 1923. He was Dux of High Blantyre primary school.

He trained as an electrician but his heart was in entertainment. He was a drummer and had his own Dance Band. He also played just about any instrument and his band played at most big functions in and around Blantyre. The photograph was taken in the ‘Mailcoach’ (near Mount Vernon) but he was well known in the Blantyre Miners Welfare. We did many concerts there as my mum was the local dancing teacher. He was also a member of the 5th district council and Entertainment officer for East Kilbride”

I always like to add a little extra information when people kindly share something. The dance school June refers to was the Jean Hislop School of Dancing and some of the pupils who went to it, now host classes of their own. Jimmy’s Band was “Jimmy Hislop and his Dixielanders” – A Blantyre band of the 1940’s, often frequenting The Miners Welfare in Calder Street. In January 1947 the band were playing frequently in Holytown. Ticket price in immediate post WW2 years, to this entertainment show was then 2 shillings. They played all over the area and did a tour up North. Jimmy passed away in 1976 at the young age of 53.

I had a look in the 1925 valuation roll, but could only find a William Hislop living at Springwells and wondered if that colliery fireman who lived near Robertsons Factory was a relation?

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Helen Williams I remember Jimmy when I was a wee girl, he was in my mums house often, and always created laughter. I went to Jean Hislop school of dance with my best friend Latitia, I still have one of the competition medals for highland dance somewhere in the house.

Robert Stewart I was just talking about Jimmy a few days ago. Around 1960 / 61 Jimmy made a film about Blantyre. Parts of the film I remember are, Peter S. Stewart lorries lined up a the Priory Bing waiting to be loaded with clay for the brickworks, Peter Wilkie in aSee more

Robert Stewart I’m sure Jimmy also organised ‘Sunday Night At The Blantyre Broadway’ in the early sixties.

Jean Maxwell He played at my wedding in 1962 he said it was the noisiest he had ever played at the kids had a ball

Emma Trevethan I remember him we’ll and I also went to jean Hislop school of dance with my cousin Emma. Holmes and also looked forward to Sunday night at the Broadway If I remember right I won one week in the talent show X

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