Janette McCallum at Public Park


Screen Shot 2016-04-07 at 11.16.18My good colleague, Garry Lee, who runs the wonderful Historic Hamilton facebook page, emailed me this photo adding, “This is a picture of my mum Janette McCallum sitting at the Blantyre boating pond. It would have been early to mid 70s.”

Seeing the small wall around the boating pond at Stonefield Public Park (now McAnulty Park), reminded me of my own childhood at this time and walking around the wall. I was never allowed to paddle in that pond, for if i remember correctly, it was always full of glass. I was relegated to the wee blue pond closer to Station Road, which i always thought was for infants. It was fun though being on the pedalo boats. Whats your memories of the ponds in the park?

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Michael Mcginley Used to skate on the pond when it froze over in winter.

Jane Johnstone Every day seemed to be sunny when we were kids😀

Stephanie Crowley Extensions Throwing money in making wishes 💗 end of an era when the pond went. So much fun on the boats

Gerry Walker Yes, I definetly remember the glass in the big pond but alas it happened to the wee blue pond as well. Everlasting memories of all the summer events in the park though. Walking over from St Joe`s for our sports day. Fete`s and Bazaars including the Punch and Judy shows every year. Helping out in the YMCA stalls…. happy days

May Mains I use to pally with your mum .we use to work together at L.S at high Blantyre . Mine name is May Craig. Now is May mains xx

Gerry Walker My Mums name is Susan. But my Aunt Edna worked in High Blantyre, maybe you`re thinking of her?

Janette McCallum Hi May long time ago how are you hope life has been good to you. X

Kevin Creechan Used to catch tadpoles in there, as well as build wee wooden boats to float in it 🙂

Janice Bickerstaff My wee brother put his ball in this pond. I stretched out to get it for him and fell in. I was about 6 at the time and I ended up being put in his buggy and my sister running with me all the way home…….not such a happy day that day but had happier times on other days

May Mains Hi Gerry this woman in this photo. Janette mc Callum I worked with her . She does not stay long only 1year or 2 .

Margaret Quinn May that is the wrong guy you are messaging his name is Gerry Walker the guy whose mum that is name is Garry Lee X X

Jason Docherty “Come in number 5 yer times up”

Margaret Quinn It was full of blood suckers

Janet Hamilton Lovely picture wee were friends at glen lee school I met her a few years ago my name is Janet Adam wee had great fun at the pond before the boating spent hours there good times

Karen Menzies I remember it beings lovely hot summers gala day and being grabbed and thrown in by a bunch of boys !! Other than that I remember the boats and loved the wee blue paddling pond too X happy days x

Liz Allan As usual slc got rid of it and didnt replace it with anything else for the children in Blantyre

Catherine McLachlan Janette hasn’t changed a bit. Lovely picture of a lovely lady x

Betty McLean I took my brother John who had on nice new pants and I was scared to go back home as he fell in and was soaked and I was supposed to be looking after him. It was May day but not sure which year. Not sure whether I got into trouble or just the usual how did this happen.

Paula Mclarty Gorgeous redhead!❤️

Bill Mcfadyen I didn’t know they had a boating pond in high Blantyre. I thought it was the one in the public park. Shows what I know.

Len Northfield It isn’t high Blantyre.

Garry Lee I can remember going to the boating pond and yes, it always had broken glass around the sides.

Josie Caserta What lovely stories guys enjoyed reading them xx

Mary-Jane Greenhorn Was just telling my 10 yr old about boating pond the other day. Now I can show her . Great pic

Stephen Canavan You could have a good day out in the park with the boating pond then over to the putting green and then the paddling pool good memories

Nicola Hughes Crowe we used to nick the newts out the pond lol

Jim Frame number six come in your time is up ……..sorry number nine are you in trouble lol

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