1960 Waverley Terrace flood

Sandra Doherty sent in this photo which she believes was taken in 1960. She told me, “can you tell me anything about this photo? I think it’s Blantyre”

I have to say, it looks like Waverley Terrace in High Blantyre, obviously flooded out, as deep as the counter on that ice cream van. Pavements are covered as is the road and stranded residents stand in their doorways all along the street.

I don’t think this was rainfall. If i recall correctly, there was once a small stream rising from Shott near the Old Parish Kirk that ran across the fields towards Bellsfield. The houses are relatively new in this photo, and the flooding may have been caused by the building of the homes, or interference with the stream, which is now believed to be in a culvert running below the estate.

Does anybody have any recollection of this event or was it simply heavy rain or a burst main?

1960 Waverley Terrace

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Liz Jack That is out side my house I stayed in no 57 when that happend

Liz Jack It still floods if the rain is heavy

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