McGuigan Family 1900

Michael Connolly shared this fantastic photo of the McGuigan family in Blantyre in 1900.

Incredibly their history is told on the back of the photo (how amazing if we all did that!).

Back row, left to right is Charles, James and Henry. Centre Row is Mary, Margaret and James, Margaret, John, Teresa and Peter on the front.

The narrative does say they would have taken a tramcar into Hamilton to Sharps to get this photo taken, but I cant agree with that, as tramcars would not appear in Blantyre and Hamilton until 1903 and not at Spittal or Cambuslang until 1907.

However, how wonderful to have everything else accurately recorded about this family. The entire family resided at Spittal Row, just outside Blantyre Parish. The family all worked in the pits, and even the women were brass pickers at the collieries.This family were deeply affected due to the long time they worked in the pits. One family member was blinded in an accident in Auchinraith colliery and another was paralysed, confined to a wheelchair due to his efforts at work.

What a lovely blessing is written on the back too, “They never die who live in the hearts of those they love and leave behind“.

I cant help but feel how wonderful it would be if people stopped for a second and took time to write something, no matter how briefly on the back of photographs. Its just something we don’t do very much these days and our hard drives, if they even survive or can be read in future, are going to create mass confusion for future generations.

On social media, this was a popular subject, so thanks again to the family for only sharing the photo here.

Margaret Mary OSullivan Wonderful for descendants to have something like this!

Margaret Wilson That’s my middle name

Frank Cornfield Nice to see this image again. I photographed the original and produced a number prints for members of the Cornfield and McGuigan families. The blessing “They never die who live in the hearts of those they love and leave behind“ is on the headstone of my parents grave in Halfway cemetery.

Stephen McGuigan The Harry and Bridget Carr mentioned on the back where my grandparents. I’ve managed to trace a branch of the family tree back to 1643 in Cambusnethan!!

Barbara Kerr Brilliant piece of local history.

Eleanor Rodgers Wemyss Hugh Rodgers

James Connolly Margaret,standing on the left is my maternal grandmother. She passed away when my mother was app. 5 years old si needless to say my mother didn’t have much memory of her never mind me. Still have this photo in the house 🏠 even though I no longer live in Blantyre.

Sheena Thomson Charlie at the back is my Grandad.

Marie Jack My great grandpa Charlie mcguigan is the second oldest son, top row first left, his daughter Mary was my gran .♥️

Jane Mcguigan Hi Marie, was your granny’s married name Gilmour?

Marie Jack hi Jane , yeh it was , my gran Mary and my papa john Gilmour x

Jan McDonald I also have a copy thanks frank x

Jane Mcguigan Thank you for sharing my family history smile emoticon my great grandfather is Charles who is standing in the back with his arms folded. His son was also Charles and my dad is Charlie McGuigan.

Margaret Hill We were all given one of these from my uncle James Cornfield at my uncle Johns funeral

Lynne Lyon I have a copy aswell

Hugh Rodgers Many thanks to michael connolly for
Sharing this photo and .all the details
Of ourpast family members .mary on the centre row was my mother and all my aunts and uncles .are there.

Sheena Thomson Your mum was my mums auntie,my mum was Mary McGuigan daughter of Charlie.

The Blantyre Project thank you everybody . I appreciate the family sharing such a treasured memory and photo.

Laura Stark We have this print up in my dads house in Australia ☺️ my great granny is Teresa.

Kathy Ferns Thank you for sharing this photo of Mother’s family history. It is great to sit and discuss her family history & reminiscing about Blantyre!! I would like to have a copy of this photo.


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  1. Excellent to see the photo plus the details on the reverse. Henry was my grandfather. I would love to know if there are any other photos about of the family. I only have a scant few.

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